The New Old Super Mario Bros

The New Old Super Mario Bros, di ambil dari gamenya tetapi di bentuk secara unik oleh tangan-tangan orang kreatif sehingga menghasilkan gambar yang unik. efek yg di timbulkan setelah melihat video tersebut. “wah! kok bisa ya?”

di buat secara matang dengan bahasn-bahan karton dan sejenisnya di rangkai dengan slow motion.

Over the course of four days and much patience, Amanté and Kyle handcrafted and 147 shot their very first lo-fi stop-motion film about Super Mario World. The film was chosen to be part of the USI student art show. Concept and character art: Amanté. Set design, photography and video: Kyle. Materials: construction paper, sketch paper, cardboard, ink, crayons, popsicle sticks, paper clips, string and LOTS of tape. Camera Info: Camera: Nikon D60 Lens: AF Zoom-NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4-5.6G Lens. Exposure: 5 sec @ f / 9.0 ISO Speed: 100 ISO Software: Lightroom 3 Beta, Flash CS3 and Garageband. Special thanks to XOC ( for letting us use his tracks. If popularity rises, we plan to do more intricate stop-motion films of other games and music we like so spread it.

like others have said, just need to make it smooth. Otherwise, this is a really fine piece of work. So awesome. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself while doing this. Maybe you’ll get a huge youtube break and become e-famous. Really awesome mates, really liked the part where the moles come out of these holes.



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