Stopmotion Graffiti

Stop motion has very rarely been shot in stereoscopic 3D throughout film history. The first 3D stop motion short was In Tune With Tomorrow(also known as Motor Rhythm) in 1939 by John Norling. The second stereoscopic stop motion release was The Adventures of Sam Space in 1955 by Paul Sprunck. The third and latest stop motion short in stereo 3D was The Incredible Invasion of the 20,000 Giant Robots from Outer Space in 2000 by Elmer Kaan and Alexander Lentjes. This is also the first ever 3D stereoscopic stop motion and CGI short in the history of film.

Stop Motion Graffiti – Showcasing the best creative from around the world, to inspire new creative thoughts, spark new creative outlets and ultimately.  Illusion highlights artistic creations that are unique—amazing for their skills, level of creativity and vision. From paper art.

Graffiti art can be a well respected form, so long as it’s done with such creativity as is displayed in this great video from the Broken Fingaz crew. It’s interesting to see that this seems to mark the point in Australia that a change has emerged where there is ‘ a more sophisticated.


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