MUTO a Wall – Painted Animation

Animasi, atau lebih akrab disebut dengan film animasi, adalah film yang merupakan hasil dari pengolahan gambar tangan sehingga menjadi gambar yang bergerak. Pada awal penemuannya, film animasi dibuat dari berlembar-lembar kertas gambar yang kemudian di-“putar” sehingga muncul efek gambar bergerak. Dengan bantuan komputer dan grafika komputer, pembuatan film animasi menjadi sangat mudah dan cepat. Bahkan akhir-akhir ini lebih banyak bermunculan film animasi 3 dimensi daripada film animasi 2 dimensi.

His nomadic spirit reached its peak in 2005. From the end of that year Blu spent most of his time jumping around in a self-guided travels, linking his itineraries to the festivals to which he was invited. At that time he collaborated with Ericailcane and several artists from Costa Rica,NicaraguaGuatemala, and Honduras in a festival in Managua called “Murales de Octubre.” On that occasion he painted a wall, significant in the history of South American murals, on the Avenida Bolivar where, in 1979, Victor Canifrù celebrated the Sandinista revolution. With this he achieved one of his most imposing murals which was immediately dubbed Hombre Banano (Banana Man) by the locals, referring to the protest of the workers on banana plantations.



The following year, from October 2006 to December 2006, he returned to Central and South America for a long circuit of murals that included Mexico CityGuatemala CityManagua, (Nicaragua), San José (Costa Rica), and finally, Buenos Aires (Argentina). A year later he was again in South American, in Sao PauloBrazil, participating in the festival “A Conquista do Espaço” (Conquering Space). On that occasion he came up with a new interpretation of the “Christ of Corcovado” of Rio de Janeiro. In Blu’s version Christ is literally submerged by tons of guns and rifles.

From the Fall of 2007 to the Spring of 2008, he lived inBuenos Aires, devoting all his efforts to the creation of a video called Muto (Silent). In addition to receiving many international awards, such as the Grand Prix 2009 from the Festival of Clermont Ferrand, “Muto” has been seen by 7 million-plus viewers on YouTube. It is also available in high definition on Blu’s website under the Creative Commons license. This video is composed of hundreds of paintings on walls, made throughout many streets of Buenos Aires and, frame by frame, creates more than seven minutes of an animated mural. In 2009 Blu started his umpteenth tour around South America visiting Bogotà for the festival “Memoria Canalla,” then to MontevideoUruguay, back to Buenos Aires and, for the first time, to LimaPeru, where he painted the entire façade of an historical building in the central Avenida Arenales. In this huge mural Blu seems to reinterpret the history of South America, a continent that has been violated by both ancient and modern conquistadores. Blu has visited North America only twice, but the only notable trip was in 2008, when he accepted an invitation from the Deitch Gallery in New York to paint the exterior of their Long Island location


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