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Seni grafis adalah cabang seni rupa yang proses pembuatan karyanya menggunakan teknik cetak, biasanya di atas kertas. Kecuali pada teknik Monotype, prosesnya mampu menciptakan salinan karya yang sama dalam jumlah banyak, ini yang disebut dengan proses cetak. Tiap salinan karya dikenal sebagai ‘impression’. Lukisan atau drawing, di sisi lain, menciptakan karya seni orisinil yang unik. Cetakan diciptakan dari permukaan sebuah bahan , secara teknis disebut dengan matrix. Matrix yang umum digunakan adalah: plat logam, biasanya tembaga atau seng untuk engravingatau etsa; batu digunakan untuk litografi; papan kayu untuk woodcut/cukil kayu. Masih banyak lagi bahan lain yang digunakan dalam karya seni ini. Tiap-tiap hasil cetakan biasanya dianggap sebagai karya seni orisinil, bukan sebuah salinan. Karya-karya yang dicetak dari sebuah plat menciptakan sebuah edisi, di masa seni rupa modern masing-masing karya ditandatangani dan diberi nomor untuk menandai bahwa karya tersebut adalah edisi terbatas.

The list of the places where Blu has left his trace is impressively long, as long as his collection of sketchbooks which contain sketches, thoughts or simply visual notes. Often these drawings function as a script for his improvisations on walls. His graphic mania is directly proportional to the epic scale of his murals. His paintings seem to interpret the architectural language of public spaces and reinvent them into new shapes. Thus, his murals are never detached from the places where they were conceived because Blu is a painter in the landscape, urban or industrial. He always tries to communicate with the society which inhabits those spaces, searching for the uniqueness of each place. Besides drawing and painting, the technical universe of Blu is completed by a skillful use of the digital medium. Proof of that can be seen in his website where his manual craftsmanship is combined with computer programming language. The recurring themes of his imagery play on the distortion of the human figure. He speaks a pop vocabulary which resembles the automatic writing process of the surrealist tradition with purely rhetoricalprocesses. In short, his artistic practice has contributed to a radical change in the art market. His murals and his videos are given for free to the public space of the cities and on the world wide web. His income comes from the sale of multiples, like silkscreen prints, in those few galleries which represent him, or through the sale of self-made editions. The works of Blu appear abrupt because they are derived from the free creativity of an artist who has decided to occupy a position outside the sheltered field of art. As magically as they appear they can disappear, sometimes covered by other paintings of Blu himself, sometimes ruined by time and weather, but mostly erased by the authorities in the name of a short-sighted need of tidiness. Blu’s aesthetic search is motivated by a belief in an open source philosophy, persistent in its anarchical revolt against contemporary art conventions and unique in beauty, and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting in our visual culture



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