Broken Fingaz – Graffiti Stop Motion

New graffiti stop motion animation clip by Tant and Unga from the Broken Fingaz crew. Shot on the roof top of the their pad in Hadar, Israel.

Music by Boreta and edIT of The Glitch Mob

I’m amazed this video only took 3 days to shoot

Everybody and their mom wants to be a street artist these days. There’s a scant few however that can match up with Tant, Unga, Deso, Kip from Broken Fingaz Crew.  More crazy amazingness after the jump.

This is inspiring, I love stop motion. The music works perfectly too imo. probably one of the most amazing vids and concepts. I watched this movie right before I went to bed and had a dream I told you guys that this was the most ballin video ever. So when I woke up I went straight to my computer, now I’m telling you this is the most ballin video ever.

this must be from a mix or something, its a remix of two songs.

Haiku D’Etat – Mike, Aaron & Eddie; off Coupe de Theatre
Machine Drum – Let it (feat. Melo-X); off Want To 1 2?–graffiti-stop-motion.aspx


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