Art crime. Graffiti animation

Desain grafis adalah suatu bentuk komunikasi visual yang menggunakan gambar untuk menyampaikan informasi atau pesan seefektif mungkin. Dalam disain grafis, teks juga dianggap gambar karena merupakan hasil abstraksi simbol-simbol yang bisa dibunyikan. disain grafis diterapkan dalam disain komunikasi dan fine art. Seperti jenis disain lainnya, disain grafis dapat merujuk kepada proses pembuatan, metoda merancang, produk yang dihasilkan (rancangan), atau pun disiplin ilmu yang digunakan (disain).

Is graffiti art? I would need to go back to the basics and answer the question: “What is art?” to offer a thoughtful, unbiased answer. Because I believe that art (in its basic structure) is a form of communication that is designed to elicit an emotional response, I would have to classify graffiti as art.

After all, how is graffiti constructed? It is composed of lines, shapes, color, tones, forms…displayed to convey a message. It doesn’t really matter what the message is. It may be as simple as a pen scribble in a public bathroom that declares, “Tony was here”, or it may be an elaborate painting on a railroad bridge spanning 20 feet of space. Both works are designed to convey a message and elicit an emotion. Yes, graffiti is art. There is, however, an unspoken dilemma that was a focal point for many comments on this site. Graffiti is often illegal.

The fact that graffiti is regularly produced illegally detracts from the concept that it is an art form. Even in its illegal state, it elicits an emotional response, however. The unfortunate thing here is the response is usually outrage over the abuse of someone’s property. This may take away the value or impact of the original message the artist intended. It would be better to get permission from the owner of the “canvas” to display the art. After all, if Pablo Picasso snuck up on you late at night while you slept, and carved “Pablo was here” into your forehead…calling it his artistic expression…you may seek legal counsel and sue for damages as opposed to marveling at his artistic endeavor.

filthy sic graffiti animation using adobe suite, final cut pro, penicls markers pens, and various audio programs. ENJOY.–ART-or-CRIME


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